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MF 260 Turbo Nigeria
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Massey Ferguson Tractors in Nigeria for Sale. Brand New MF 260 is a widely preferred and acclaimed agricultural tractor by farmers of all scale. It is a 60 HP Turbo charged engine gives extra torque for greater pulling and ploughing. It is a proven choice by the Maize and specially sugar cane farmers due to its reliability and greater pulling power. The technical specification of Brand New MF 260 is listed below

Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 260 Tractor's Technical Specification

  1. 2.5L direct injection Turbo charged Engine.
  2. Axle Type: Straddle with epicyclical reduction unit.
  3. Brake Type: Oil Immersed, multi- disc.
  4. Number of gears 8 forward, 2 reverse.
  5. Gross Weight: 1,900 kg.
  6. Overall length: 3,260 mm.
  7. Fuel tank Capacity: 47.51 Liter.
  8. Pump Type: Constant Pumping Reciprocating Ferguson pump.
  9. Lower links: With Cat. I & II interchangeable balls.
  10. Gauges: Tachometer, Hour meter, Fuel level, Battery condition & Water temperature.