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Lesotho, An emerging tourist destination of southern Africa with beautiful high mountains and narrow valleys. A country that is highly involved in subsistence agriculture and still striving to generate more food supply to meet the needs. In order to increase the food supply, Lesotho people must adapt the change and bring the Massey Ferguson tractors and implements in their farming which will only help them in increasing the utilization of the land and increasing the food supply. Massey Ferguson Tractors are being exported to Lesotho from Agro Asia Tractors Pakistan which are helping many farmers in decreasing the time taking manual labor process and increasing the farm productivity.

Many models of Massey Ferguson tractors and New Holland tractors are available for sale in Lesotho from the trusted exporters from Pakistan, Agro Asia Tractors. Models from brand new Massey Ferguson tractors are available for sale at the best price with the best quality in Lesotho such as MF-240(50hp), MF-260(60hp), MF-375(75hp) and MF-385(85hp) with the options of 2WD or 4WD. Models from brand new New Holland tractors are also available at the best price and best quality, such as NH Ghazi 2WD (65hp) and NH 7056 4WD (85hp). All the specifications for these tractors are being mentioned in our website so, you can check and order the tractor according to your farm requirement.

Agro Asia tractors are also offering export quality ISO certified farm implements. Farm Implements are the tractor attachments that help in carrying out different tasks such as ploughing, planting, transporting and many more. Implements mentioned in our website are all available for sale in Lesotho like Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, Farm Trolley and many others. You can buy any of these implements at economical prices conferring to your need.

Considering buying a brand new Massey Ferguson Tractor or New Holland Tractor but looking for a reliable source and the best package than you are at the most reliable source of exporting tractors at the best price, top quality and reliable delivery plan for Lesotho. Agro Asia Tractors are in business of tractor exports for many years and, are always ready to cater the needs of its customers concerning most economical price, no compromise on quality and the most suitable delivery plan to deliver at the ports of Lesotho.

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