Premium Quality Potato Planter for Sale

Premium Quality potato planter for Sale

What is Potato Planter?

Agro Asia Potato Planters are used for creating ridges and sowing potato seeds with the help of a farm hands with a capacity of planting potatoes at a speed of 0.3ha/hr.

Potato Planters Technical Specification

    Specification For 2 Rows

  1. Power Requirement 50 hp & above
  2. Seed Capacity 240 kg
  3. Fertilizer Box 150 kg
  4. Distribution Through Silver Aluminum 4 Nos.
  5. Double Conveyer System Seed Holder 96 Nos. Cups
  6. Specification For 4 Rows

  7. Power Requirement 85 hp & above
  8. Seed Capacity 600 kg
  9. Fertilizer Box 300 kg
  10. Distribution Through Silver Aluminum 8 Nos.
  11. Double Conveyer System Seed Holder 192 Nos. Cups