About Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson was formed in 1953, which was later acquired by AGCO in 1997. Massey Ferguson is one of the several brands manufactured by AGCO and it has been its major seller since day one.

From the farmer who plants on one acre to the companies who produce on hundreds of hectares knows Massey Ferguson by their hearts, it has been people’s first tractor and from their first unit, which was manufactured to the last, one till today it has a lion’s share in the farming industry. They have plants all over the world through which they manufacture their models and cater to the local market according to the buying power.

In Pakistan Massey Ferguson is manufactured by Millat Tractors Ltd under the license of AGCO and has been manufacturing the models like MF 240, MF 260, MF 350, MF 360, MF 375, MF 385, MF 385 4x4 for the local farmers and for the international market as well. These models are widely known for the affordability, efficiency and low maintenance cost and acclaimed by the farmers of all scale.

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