AgroAsia Tractors - Exporter of Agricultural Tractors & Farm Implements

The shipment process starts from the day, the payment is reflected in our bank account. Different countries have different shipment duration depending on the frequency of the shipping line operating for the destination. Our major destinations are as follows and the shipment duration is mentioned as respectively:

  1. Botswana – 7 weeks
  2. Kenya – 3 weeks
  3. Uganda (Transit to Kampala) – 5 weeks
  4. Nigeria –5 weeks
  5. Ghana – 5 weeks
  6. Lesotho – 4 weeks
  7. Ivory Coast – 5 weeks

We offer containerized shipment In 20ft and 40ft container which is determined according to the order list, we have different shipment which is CKD, SKD, assembled and semi unassembled. Our shipment department carries shipping experience of over a decade and has a specialized team who look after every small detail require during the loading from Truck to the Ship.