Premium Quality Hydraulic Tipping Trailer for Sale

Premium Quality hydraulic tipping trailer for Sale

What is Hydraulic Tipping Trailer?

Agro Asia Hydraulic Tipping Trailer serves variety of purposes and reduces the man power required for unloading the goods. This specially designed vehicle not only reduces the time required but also makes unloading trouble free. Simply lift the Hydraulic Lever and your load is dislodged
Agro Asia Hydraulic Tipping Trailer is a tractor operated vehicle which is attached through Hydraulic Kits. Agro Asia Tractors manufacture special quality Hydraulic Tipping Trailer for Our Clients in Africa and Caribbean region and are designed for a capacity of 3 – 20 Tons from Single to Double axels.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Technical Specification

  1. Capacity 3 – 20 Tons
  2. Lower Channel 7x3 – 10 x 3
  3. Length 52” – 56”
  4. Outer Die 5” – 7”
  5. Wall Thickness 3”/8”
  6. Quantity 2 – 4 Tires