MF 240 Tractors for Sale in Ghana – Massey Ferguson MF 240 50HP Tractors 2020

MF 240 50 HP 2 WD for sale in Ghana
 MF 240 50 HP 2 WD   Ghana
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Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 240 is 50 HP 2WD tractor preferred by small-scale farmers in Ghana due to its affordability and low fuel consumption and maintenance. It is 50 HP and available in 2WD and can be altered in to 4WD option as well. The Technical specification of Brand New MF 240 are as follows:

Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 240 Tractor's Technical Specification

  1. It has a 2.5l 3 cylinders’ Direct Injection Engine
  2. Carries 8 forward and 2 Reverse gears transmission system
  3. Gross weight of 1650 KGs with 1892 mm wheel base
  4. Dual Clutch type with diameter of 305x254MM
  5. CAT I & II Lower Links with Interchangeable Balls
  6. Out board Drum Breaks with hand lever operated parking breaks
  7. Fuel Tank OF 47.5 Liters with 33 Liters of Hydraulic oil
  8. 35 mm diameter PTO Shaft with 1750 RPM
  9. 12Volts Battery with 2.2 KW starter motor
  10. Comes with Top Link, standard toolbox, suspension seat and operators manual