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Massey Ferguson MF 290 Turbo Nigeria
MF 290 Turbo Nigeria
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We offer Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale in Nigeria. Brand New MF 290 is 78 HP 2WD tractor preferred by small-scale farmers due to its affordability and low fuel consumption and maintenance. It is 78HP and available in 2WD and can be altered in to 4WD option as well. The Technical specification of Brand New MF 290 are as follows:

Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 290 Tractor's Technical Specification

  1. New Aerodynamic look with Stylish Wrapper & Gill.
  2. Smart Steering Wheel for Reduced Steering Effort.
  3. Durable & Highly Efficient Low Noise Engine.
  4. Exhaust: Vertical muffler under bonnet
  5. 4.41L - 4 cylinders Direct Injection Engine
  6. Gross weight :2300 Kgs
  7. Voltage: 12V, Negative EarthBattery: 118 Ah
  8. Number of gears 8 forward, 2 reverse Road speed at 2,200 engine rpm with 16.9/14-30 rear tyres.
  9. Axle Type: Straddle with epicyclic reduction unit