Export Quality Ford Tractors For Sale

New Holland gears are fabricated all around the globe; the current regulatory central command is in Turin, Italy, with New Holland, Pennsylvania filling in as the brand's base camp for North America and home of the biggest feed apparatuses creation office on the planet. With 18 plants spread internationally, just as six joint endeavors in the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East, the organization is available in 170 nations around the world.

The models made by Euro Ford Tractors are

  1. Ford 3850 – 50 HP
  2. Ford 4560 – 60 HP
  3. Ford 5880 – 80 HP


Their significant particulars and noticeable highlights are as underneath.

✍   Euro-II innovation

✍   Economic and superior motor

✍   Inline Fuel Injection Pump (Plunjer Pump)

✍   2 Wheal Drive

✍   Water Cooling System

✍   Powerful and Efficient

✍   Hydrostatic Power Steering

✍   Fully Sealed Multi Disk Brakes

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