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The Dominican Republic is a land of crystal clear water with stunning resorts is the most visited destination in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is the only location in the world to find a blue, semi-precious stone called larimar. Not only does the country have precious water, but it also has a wide area suitable for agriculture, and agriculture plays a significant role in food supplies and exports. Farmers are engaged in the cultivation of both food and cash crops. Cocoa, coffee, and sugar are the primary crops in the Dominican Republic. Farmers are engaging in the use of tractors and farm implements to modernize and promote the agriculture and the best tractors are, Massey Ferguson tractors exported from Agro Asia Tractors.

Massey Ferguson tractors and New Holland tractors are shipped to many parts of the world under the reliable name of Agro Asia Tractors. The latest models of brand new and top-quality Massey Ferguson tractors available for sale in the Dominican Republic are MF-240(50hp), MF-260(60hp), MF-375(75hp) and MF-385(85hp) with the options of 2WD or 4WD. The available models of New Holland tractors available for sale in the Dominican Republic are NH Ghazi 2WD (65hp) and NH 7056 4WD (85hp).

Together with Massey Ferguson and New Holland tractors, also available for purchase in the Dominican Republic are, our export quality farm implements available at a reasonable price. Farm implements help to carry out the specific jobs of the farm, such as planting, irrigation, transport and more. We have a wide range of farm implements available on our website to choose from, depending on the needs of your farm, crop or livestock.

If you are ready to buy the brand new Massey Ferguson tractor or New Holland Tractor so we are ready to sell as we have the best quality brand new Massey Ferguson and New Holland tractors, available for sale in The Dominican Republic at the most economical price with the feasible delivery time to be delivered at the ports of The Dominican Republic.

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