Premium Quality Disc Plough for Sale

Premium Quality disc plough for Sale

What is Disc Plough?

Disc plough is commonly used in virgin soil for soil breaking, turning and uprooting the crop remains. It is primary tilling equipment which is used before any farming activity. It is available from 2-6 discs which can be used according to the tractor pulling capacity. Our Disc Plough Farming Implement is ISO 9001 Certified and manufactured under strict quality control.

The General Technical information is as below:

Disc Plough Technical Specification

  1. Available from 2-6 discs
  2. Furrow Width – 254mm
  3. Working Depth – 300mm
  4. Disc Size – 660mm
  5. Weight – approx. 330 Kgs for 2 disc plough
  6. Tractor Capacity – 50 HP Minimum.