Find the Export Quality Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson Pakistan manufacture agricultural tractor from 50HP to 85HP avaialble in 2WD and 4WD variant. It is Renowned globally for its affordability and durability. We have export quality Massey Ferguson ready to export stock inspected by our experienced team. If you would like to place an inquiry get in touch with us by filling up the form below.

The Massey Ferguson 240, 50Hp 2WD Brand new tractor is a member of the reliable Massey Ferguson 200 series family. MF-240 is one of the most popular models ever produced, and it is powered by the robust and technically sound Perkins Engine.

The Massey Ferguson 260, 60Hp 2WD brand new tractor is a member of the reliable Massey Ferguson 200 series family. MF-260 It is turbo charged which helps in high power in low gear ratios and low engine revolutions.

Massey Ferguson 350 Tractors are part of the of reliable Massey Ferguson family which provides the best quality standards available in the market. It is equipped with power steering and has a robust modern design with Perkins engine.

Massey Ferguson 360 is 60HP 2WD with hydrostatic power steering.This 60 Hp 2WD tractor is ideal for day to day farming activities and is highly demanded in african region due to its reliability

Massey Ferguson MF 375 is powerful, strong and the most demanding tractor at the moment. MF 375 is a compact tractor which fulfills the modern day needs of the farmers.

MF 385 is 85HP 2Wd with 4.41L diesel engine equipped with power steering and considered robust fuel efficient and economical yet price friendly. MF 385 is the top seller in MF 300 series range

Massey Ferguson 385, 85Hp 4WD brand new tractor is a member of the world renowned Massey Ferguson 300 series, family.MF 385 is capable of performing whatever hard work required; whether it is drawing, pulling or carrying.